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Homeowners looking to sell their home in Thousand Oaks are fortunate; the entire Conejo Valley is an extremely desirable place to live, which means that there is a consistent demand from people considering a home purchase here. That being said, there are very real benefits to staging a home before it goes on the market.

Staging a home is a great way to make an excellent first impression on a prospective buyer. Research shows that people typically make a decision to buy a home within the first two minutes. The opportunity to make a good first impression also applies to Realtors. When Realtors are impressed with a home, they get excited and want to show it to as many prospective buyers as possible. It only makes sense — Realtors are business people, too, and they can sense when a home will sell quickly and make their job easier.

Proven Results For Staging Homes In Thousand Oaks

A recent study by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) showed that staged homes sell faster than unstaged homes. The study focused on a combination of 63 vacant and occupied homes. The homes had been listed for sale on the market for an average of 143 days. Those homes were taken off the market and professionally staged. When the homes were re-listed, they received their first offer to buy, on average, in 40 days. That is an impressive 72 percent less time on market.

What’s more, in a follow-up study, RESA looked at 481 homes, both vacant and occupied, that had been professionally staged before going to market. These homes received their first offer to buy, on average, in 23 days! Proof that professional staging works.

The Benefits of Home Staging

Professionally staging a home has many benefits, all of them relating to selling your home faster and for the highest price possible. These include:

  • 90% of prospective buyers are house-hunting online, before they even contact a Realtor. Make sure your property makes the short list!
  • You vs. the competition. It’s simple: people shop, and when they look at multiple homes, your professionally staged home will show better than other competing homes on the market.
  • In hot markets, staged properties can increase both the selling price and the number of offers.
  • The psychological aspect. Buyers perceive staged homes as well-maintained.
  • Realtors recognize that professionally staged homes are ready for their clients to move in — encouraging them to show staged properties more than the unstaged competition.
  • Appearance in the Multiple Listing Service and other marketing materials. Photos of professionally staged simply look better — they stand out!

Who Should Consider Home Staging?

  • Homeowners may contact the stager even before hiring a Realtor. This may be a good tactic if some updates are needed (paint, flooring, landscape work, updated light fixtures).
  • Realtors may advise their clients to stage a home before listing. We are happy to work with Realtors to develop the best strategy for their clients.
  • Investors may take the lead in staging a home — especially experienced investors who have discovered first-hand the benefits of professional staging.
  • Property managers often advise their clients to stage a home before listing — it establishes the manager as a trusted advisor looking out for their clients’ best interest.

Whether you’re a homeowner, Realtor, investor or property manager, we invite you to call Ventura County Home Staging today at (805) 409-4317. We will be happy to discuss how to sell your Thousand Oaks home faster with Home Staging.