Launch Space/Room

Launch Space/Room

While working for New Housing Development Company we were tasked with designing a space that their architects called a “launch room”. Brilliant! What a great idea for busy families. We were very inspired by the notion of a space that can contain the “comings and goings” of every member of the family.

Life gets busy and organization is key to taming the clutter and chaos. Every member of your household should have their own drop zone within the launch space or room (if you’re lucky enough to have said room). For example, you can set up a space in the garage or the laundry room to be used as a launch zone. Incorporate storage pieces that are specific to the requirements for each family member. This could be cubes or shelving that provide for items like shoes, sports gear, etc. Adding hooks above would keep coats, shopping bags, hats and backpacks neatly organized. Depending on the size of the room, you could also integrate an area for crafts, pet supplies or toy storage.

Having a launch space/room will help keep all the items you use daily neat and organized. And who doesn’t love an organized room?!

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